Thanks to everyone who is volunteering their time to organize Mile High Agile 2015! This is a 100% volunteer-based conference which together with our generous sponsors, helps us to keep the registration cost low. Be sure to say hello!

Conference Chairs

candyCandy Durfee

Managing work and processes at the program level as the Release Train Engineer at DigitalGlobe, Candy is well suited to leading this year’s Mile High Agile Conference. A team player, she has been willing to take an active role to see this conference succeed in prior years. As our fearless project leader, Candy has led and motivated our volunteer organizers into a high performing team. Candy has been an Agile Denver board member since 2013.

alex1Alex Viggio  linkedin  twitter  github_alt

Alex Viggio works for Symplectic, a leading research information management provider to the world’s top universities and research institutes; is a member of the Management Team for the open source VIVO Project at DuraSpace; and is a founder and board member of Agile Denver. Alex’s career in technology spans more than two decades in roles ranging from co-founder to employee to consultant. His professional interests include technical community building, the evolution of collaborative technologies, and software development best practices.

Sponsor Chairs

somSomnath Ghosh  linkedin

Agile Denver’s current President, Som is an Agile Coach & Trainer and a Project Management Professional (PMP) with over 17 years of strategic consulting experience in software development, Agile enablement, and change management. As a coach he guides organizations to achieve dramatic improvement in the efficiency of their software delivery.

tomTom Smallwood  linkedin  twitter

Agile Denver board member Tom Smallwood provides on-site training, coaching, and mentoring in Agile practices with emphasis on technical practices. Tom is continually improving his own knowledge with on-going study of agile/lean topics such as Kanban. With over 20 years of experience in the software industry he has spent most of career crafting software solutions for customers and clients.

Conference Organizers

jakeJake Calabrese  linkedin  twitter

As an Agile Trainer and Coach, I help organizations improve Agile practices, address cultural challenges, and move teams and leaders to go beyond yesterday’s best practices to tomorrow’s better practices. I believe that integrating ideas from multiple schools of thought is required to succeed in today’s world, and to that end, I draw on my experience with professional coaching, Agile, Scrum, facilitation, lean, Agile leadership, improvisation, and theory of constraints (to name a few) to provide comprehensive guidance.

Norm Baity  linkedin

An accomplished IT Project & Product Manager and Scrum Master, Norm has significant experience in managing technical projects and agile teams, business unit clients, product owners, software developers, technical writers, and interface designers to design, develop and deliver value added software products and related processes.

chuckChuck Durfee  linkedin  twitter

Chuck Durfee is no stranger to Mile High Agile. He has been involved in all five annual conferences. He started as a site volunteer in 2011 and his involvement has grown year by year! In 2013, he joined the Agile Denver board as its Secretary and was Mile High Agile 2014 conference chair, helping teams of volunteers bring it to life. By day, Chuck is a software engineer and agile coach for Global Healthcare Exchange. He is a Certified Scrum Master and is working toward his MBA degree at CSU. Outside of work, Chuck enjoys hiking, backyard sports and board games like Settlers of Catan, 7 Wonders and Power Grid with his wife and seven teen and college-aged children.

GJacksonGreg Jackson  linkedin

I am a certified Project Management Professional with fifteen years of experience implementing HR, Payroll, and Disability Management solutions. My background of programming, business analysis, and Big 5 consulting has lead to the opportunity to be a solutions architect. I have recently led a team of project managers and analysts within the Solution Delivery Team at Reed Group and now support projects across the whole Solution Delivery team. My interest is to use software to improve our work and finds ways to work smarter.

Michelle2Michelle Lekens  linkedin

Certified ScrumMaster and Certified Scrum Product Owner with a passion for coaching companies and teams in Agile practices. Related expertise includes: Waterfall to Agile transition strategies; other methods like Kanban, Extreme Programming, and Scaled Agile Framework; best practices for team building; and JIRA and Confluence ninjutsu.

Tony MTony Malinowski  linkedin

Tony has been a full time professional in the field of software development for the past 25+ years and am a certified as a PMP and Scrum Master.  He’s a firm believer that the process of creating software can be more effective, and provide more value to both the business and customers, when organizations follow the principles of Agile and Lean.

Christine Mielnicki  linkedin

With expertise in Program Management, Christine has been a valuable volunteer to both Agile Denver and the PMI’s Mile Hi Chapter.

AmyMooney1Amy Mooney  linkedin

Amy has attended the MHA Conference the past 3 years. This year, she wanted to pitch in and help out. Amy has grown up as a member of many different types of teams; sporting, performing and business teams. She is currently empowering a team within DigitalGlobe’s SAFe scaled environment as a Scrum Master. Being part of an Agile team, that is learning to lean on each other, discuss issues openly and honestly, collaborate, and achieve set goals has been one of Amy’s most rewarding team experiences. She is excited to plan the after conference social event for 2015!

jackieJackie Rospigliosi  linkedin

Jackie Rospigliosi is a Software Engineer with several years of experience in software development and an Executive MBA graduate. She is a Scrum Master Certified professional with passion for Agile. Jackeline is an active participant in the Agile, Project Management and Technology Communities. First year volunteer for the Mile High Agile Denver Conference. Outside work and the professional world, Jackie enjoys the outdoors, hiking, biking, yoga, spending time with her twin boys and volunteering at different groups in the community.

mannyManny Segarra 3  linkedin  twitter

Agile Knight, leads with Truth, Courage & Respect… Defend the team, Guide the Org, Be better than yesterday…

frankvegaFrank Vega  linkedin  twitter

Frank Vega has 25+ years IT/IS experience, the last 16 focused on software development in developer, technical team lead, software architect, and director roles, including assisting teams with applying lean-agile processes and practices (Scrum, XP). In late 2007 he began using the Kanban Method with teams and now utilizes this experience to coach others to optimize and evolve their processes and practices using Kanban/pull methods. Frank also works to collaborate with leading global Kanban practitioners, and contributes back to the lean-agile and Kanban communities via national conferences, and local user groups. For more information, see: http://www.vissinc.com

allisonweissAllison Weiss  linkedin  twitter

I have volunteered with Mile High Agile since the first year. I switched to iterative-team-based delivery models well before there was an agile manifesto (early 90s).  My work with MHA is mainly handling the program and form printing. If you have been to previous MHA events, you have probably seen the value of our retrospectives. Here’s to seeing even more improvements in 2015!

danwyksDan Wyks  linkedin  twitter

In 2012 I escaped from a federal government contractor internment camp in an undisclosed location outside Washington, D.C. where I did 10 years of hard, non-Agile labor. Now I practice Agile and Lean/Kanban at Time Warner Cable. I am living proof that Agile rehab really works.


We already have a full roster of volunteers to help out with final preparations, such as stuffing conference totes, and on the day of the conference at our help desk and moderating sessions.


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