Top To Dos for MHA Eve and Day

Everyone likes a list when the pressure is on! With less than 24 hours to Mile High Agile 2015 doors opening, here are two short lists that we hope help out.

Top 3 To Dos for MHA Eve

  1. Download the MHA app to create your profile and schedule in advance!
  2. Plan your transportation (or parking) so that you arrive on time come rain or shine, snow or sleet!
  3. Get a full night’s rest — MHA will be a busy day!

Top 5 To Dos for MHA Day

  1. Arrive at registration by 7:30am to allow time for checkin!
  2. Mike Cohn’s keynote will start at 8:15am, so arrive early to hear important announcements and score a good seat!
  3. Lunch will be in the main ballroom at noon, so arrive on time to get the best seats for Rod Collin’s keynote!
  4. Get your MHA Passport stamped by our sponsors during breaks for a chance to win prizes at end of day!
  5. Elevate your evening by attending our 2-hour after-conference social at Lime Restaurant from 6 to 8pm!

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