2015 Coaches Clinic

Do you have a specific issue/problem from your Agile environment that you would like to discuss with an expert? Or do you have a general question that you would like to discuss with an expert Agile practitioner? You should plan to sign up for the Coaches Clinic at Mile High Agile 2015, sponsored by the Scrum Alliance!

clinic1We’re pleased to offer all Mile High Agile attendees the opportunity to get some free Agile Coaching while you’re at the conference!  This service is a great way to get a little consulting from experienced coaches. This service is sponsored by the Scrum Alliance – they will have a list at the Scrum Alliance booth where you can sign up for short sessions with the coaches.  If there is available room, you can even sign up for more than one slot!

clinic2Coaching is available at designated times throughout most of the conference.   When you visit the SA booth you’ll be able to see the available coaches and any specialties that they have listed. It’s a great opportunity for people to meet and learn from each other, the coaches as well as the coaching clients.  There are also some great free items provided by the Scrum Alliance when you book time with a coach.   Come join us and experience the advantages of face-to-face communication with an expert!


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