Mile High Agile Videos

Our video recordings for Mile High Agile 2015’s keynotes and executive panel are online. Please feel free to share these with your colleagues that were unable to attend.

Mile High Agile 2015: Mike Cohn’s Keynote

Mile High Agile 2015: Rod Collin’s Keynote


Speaker Presentations

A few of our speakers have already provided their slides. Some are publishing links on the web. Please comment here if you see others in the wild, and I’ll add them to the body of this post.

Alan Dayley presents Creating Program Alignment: The Product Wall Release Planning Workshop

Anu Smalley presents The DNA of an Innovative Product Owner

Bill De Voe presents Tales From the Trenches: Transforming Teams to Kanban and Scrumban

Chuck Durfee presents Bowling Game Code Kata, Two Ways

The code for my presentation is also available at

Jean Tabaka on A Quantum Physicist and Agile Executive Walk Into a Bar

Lars Thorup on Advanced JavaScript Unit Testing

Mike Clement on The Quest for Continuous Delivery at Pluralsight

Newsha Makooi presents Statline’s Journey from Waterfall to Agile

Paul Rayner presents Lean UX

Richard Hensley on Why Agile Is Failing in Large Enterprises

Scott Brown presents When Scrum Meets Lean

Wade Scherer presents Agile Project Forecasting: A Statistical Approach to Achieve Maximum Benefit from Minimum Data

Top To Dos for MHA Eve and Day

Everyone likes a list when the pressure is on! With less than 24 hours to Mile High Agile 2015 doors opening, here are two short lists that we hope help out.

Top 3 To Dos for MHA Eve

  1. Download the MHA app to create your profile and schedule in advance!
  2. Plan your transportation (or parking) so that you arrive on time come rain or shine, snow or sleet!
  3. Get a full night’s rest — MHA will be a busy day!

Top 5 To Dos for MHA Day

  1. Arrive at registration by 7:30am to allow time for checkin!
  2. Mike Cohn’s keynote will start at 8:15am, so arrive early to hear important announcements and score a good seat!
  3. Lunch will be in the main ballroom at noon, so arrive on time to get the best seats for Rod Collin’s keynote!
  4. Get your MHA Passport stamped by our sponsors during breaks for a chance to win prizes at end of day!
  5. Elevate your evening by attending our 2-hour after-conference social at Lime Restaurant from 6 to 8pm!

2015 Agile Give Back

This year’s partner in or Agile Give Back program is Alpine Valley School located in Wheat Ridge. Give Back organizer and champion Manny Segarra had this to say:

Alpine Valley’s commitment to Agile principles is profoundly ingrained in the school’s culture, their approach to education, and the democratic environment they have fostered. The Sudbury Model removes the boundaries of traditional education, with its predetermined curriculum and standardized testing, and empowers students to select their own paths forward. The adults at Alpine Valley School serve as facilitators, providing guidance when asked and support when needed. The Scrum values of Respect, Focus, and Courage are clearly demonstrated in giving students a vote in process changes, selection of faculty/staff, and shaping their own behaviors and goals for learning.

Alpine Valley’s approach is aligned with the Agile principles of self-empowered teams, respect for people, and the spirit of challenging the status quo and exploring a different, bold way forward in education. We are deeply appreciative to Alpine Valley School for allowing us to include them in our conference this year and look forward to assisting them in developing marketing strategies and streamlining operations to broaden their market presence and increase efficiency.

If you have questions about our Agile Give Back program, please contact us.

avsAlpine Valley School
4501 Parfet Street, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Alpine Valley School is a community that supports each child’s drive to learn.

Alpine Valley School has been in continuous operation since 1997. Following the Sudbury model of education, the core of our program is self-directed learning for young people ages 5 to 18 in a democratically run school. We support the innate curiosity of children with autonomy and community as they grow into self-aware, mature, and empowered young adults. In this highly individualized environment students direct the course of their days, and they vote on everything from the rules (making and enforcing) to budgeting and personnel matters. We face two main challenges to our growth. Internally, we are a bunch of idealists learning the hard way how to be business-minded and craft effective marketing, admissions, and retention strategies. Externally, the Sudbury model is very unorthodox, and we’re competing against charter schools that don’t have to charge tuition and whose philosophies allow for conventional, parent-pleasing structures like mandated projects and feedback.

2015 Coaches Clinic

Do you have a specific issue/problem from your Agile environment that you would like to discuss with an expert? Or do you have a general question that you would like to discuss with an expert Agile practitioner? You should plan to sign up for the Coaches Clinic at Mile High Agile 2015, sponsored by the Scrum Alliance!

clinic1We’re pleased to offer all Mile High Agile attendees the opportunity to get some free Agile Coaching while you’re at the conference!  This service is a great way to get a little consulting from experienced coaches. This service is sponsored by the Scrum Alliance – they will have a list at the Scrum Alliance booth where you can sign up for short sessions with the coaches.  If there is available room, you can even sign up for more than one slot!

clinic2Coaching is available at designated times throughout most of the conference.   When you visit the SA booth you’ll be able to see the available coaches and any specialties that they have listed. It’s a great opportunity for people to meet and learn from each other, the coaches as well as the coaching clients.  There are also some great free items provided by the Scrum Alliance when you book time with a coach.   Come join us and experience the advantages of face-to-face communication with an expert!

Where to download the conference app

You can use the QR code in this image, or search in your App Store or Google Play for “Mile High Agile 2015“. These direct links also work:

Download the app before conference day to best prepare. Please use the login “MHA2015” (password “elevate“) to initially access the application. Then you can create your attendee profile and plan your schedule in advance.


MHA application already downloaded by 25% of attendees, join the conversation!

Reminder, the MHA Mobile App is here! To date, about 25% of attendees have installed the application. Don’t delay!

Download the app today to create your profile and plan your schedule for the day. Please use the login “MHA2015” (password “elevate“) to access the application, then you can set up your profile. The app includes up-to-the minute information about Mile High Agile including session and speaker listings, event news, social media, and sponsor info.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please send them to app at


April 3rd, 2015 — Denver, CO